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TWIN BWE 30,000

Turn brackish water into 60,000 litres per day of potable water


Two Totally Independant Trains Each Rated To Produce 30,000 Litres Per Day
Output: Each Train 30,000 Litres Per 24 Hours
RO HP Pump: Stainless Steel, Centrifugal
RO HP Pump Motor: Up To 3 kW
Pr.Relief Valve: 600 PSI
Frame Material: Epoxy Coated Steel
Pressure Vessels: 3 x 40E80
Membranes: 6 x 4040 Thin Film Composite Polyamide
Cartridge Filtration: 5 & 1 Micron
Inlet DP Gauge: 0-600 kPa
System DP Gauge: 0-4,000 kPa
Flow Meters: Product & Reject
Fittings: 316 Stainless Steel & Engineering Grade Plastics
Protective Devices: Low Feed Pressure Switch, Pressure Relief Valve, Motor Overloads


TWIN BWE 30,000 (20 Foot Sea Container): 6100mm (L) x 2500mm (W) x 2600mm (H)


Coagulant &/or Biocide Dosing, Additional Pre-filtration, Post RO pH/Alkalinity Correction, Provision of a Residual Disinfectant

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